Injuries to the foot and ankle are common, and can include fractures (broken bones) as well as soft tissue injuries such as ankle ligament sprains, syndesmosis injuries and achilles and other tendon ruptures. At SORSC we will ensure all patients are thoroughly assessed and investigated and then provided with an individual treatment plan appropriate to their injury. We work closely with physiotherapists to ensure optimal outcomes from any injury, with the goal of accelerating rehabilitation and enhancing recovery.


Arthritis is one of the most common orthopaedic conditions that affects the foot and ankle. It can develop due to age related changes, but can also occur after traumatic injuries. The most common sites of arthritis in the foot are the big toe (hallux rigidus), the midfoot and the ankle. At SORSC, where appropriate for each patient, we offer optimised non-surgical treatment as well as surgical options including minimally invasive and arthroscopic surgery, ankle replacements and arthrodesis (fusions).

Other Foot Conditions

In addition to foot and ankle injuries and arthritis, SORSC offers treatment for a number of other common conditions affecting the lower leg including:

  • Bunions (hallux valgus) and other toe deformities.
  • Ankle instability.
  • Tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction (flat foot).
  • Achilles tendinitis.

We often a range of mutli-disciplinary treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, that are individually tailored to treat each patient’s unique needs.